Migration without Boundaries Conference

Migration without Boundaries, version 3.0

The third annual graduate student conference, Migration without Boundaries, was the most successful yet. An organizing committee of nine migration students put on a stimulating and wide-ranging interdisciplinary conference (October 10-11) of 11 panels and a total of 37 papers. The conference opened with a keynote by renowned scholar José Moya of Barnard and a dinner sponsored by the Sweet Professorship. Faculty served as discussants, including our colleagues Helen Veit, Lewis Siegelbaum, Ronen Steinberg, Mindy Smith, and Erin Graham (as well as sociologists David Wiley and Cristián Dona; Anthropologists Andrea Louie, Mara Leichtman, and Chantal Tetreault; and John Aerni-Flessner of the Residential College). Sociologist Stephanie Nawyn offered closing remarks.

All panel chairs and many presenters were from MSU departments, but presenters also came from Loyola, the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota, Wayne state University, the University of Ottawa, the University of Michigan, the University of South Florida, Florida International University, the University of Florida, Syracuse University, Temple University Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, Bowling Green State University, Central Michigan University and the University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign.

Historians Adrienne Tyrey and Brian Van Wyck took the lead, aided by historian committee members Ali Kolodzy, Emily Elliott, Helen Kaibara, and Ella Fratantuono, Sociology and Anthropology students, and other historians. The many graduate students who participated in this meeting entirely by and for students deserve our congratulations.

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