The History Department encourages graduate students to interact with other graduate students and professionals by attending history conferences hosted in the US and around the globe. Students who have been selected to present at a conference are eligible to apply for a travel fellowship to cover all or part of the cost. Please look at the following instructions on how to apply and what is required. Any questions should be directed to the Academic Programs Coordinator.

  • Please turn in the following if you are traveling to present at a conference:
    • Completed Travel Request Funding Form
    • Completed Travel Authorization
    • A budget similar to Sample Conference Trip Budget
    • Brief description of the conference, including the following:
      1. Indicate that you are enrolled in the semester that funding will be awarded.
      2. Name of the conference or professional meeting.
      3. Title of the research to be presented and the list of authors.
      4. The date(s) and the location of the conference.
      5. An email or letter from the conference organizers, stating you have been chosen to present.
  • Please turn in everything but the Travel Authorization if you are presenting at a virtual conference, where no travel is required.
  • Your major professor (advisor) must sign off in BOTH places on the form. After YOU get these signatures give the form to the Graduate Secretary and they will get the rest.
  • Budgets should include transportation (airfare, mileage, Michigan Flyer), hotel, and conference fees. When possible, please consider sharing a room with a fellow conference attendee. This helps us send more students to more conferences.
  • If you receive funding it will be in the form of a fellowship and deposited into your student account. This can take up to 2 weeks from the date the fellowship is submitted (not the date you gave us your request). You MUST be enrolled in the semester funding is disbursed. If you have an outstanding balance on your account (tuition, fees) the travel money will cover that first.
  • If you are traveling internationally, please see additional instructions here: Graduate School Travel Funding. Please note that you do not need to send anything to ISP, as it will be done by us.
  • We MUST receive your conference funding request no later than March 4th. Please plan ahead for any summer requests, because they will not be accepted from March 5 – August 31.
  • The form is routed through the Department, the College and the Graduate School*. All are likely to give a little bit to help fund your conference. *The Graduate School will only give $600 maximum per student for travel, over the student’s entire career at MSU.

Even if you don’t get funding or don’t apply you need to fill out a Travel Authorization whenever you leave East Lansing for MSU related business (research!)!