Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

Responsible Conduct of Research Training is requirement for all graduate students at Michigan State University and each department has their own rules pertaining to RCR Training. The History Deparmtnet requires you to have 5 hours of training in your initial year at MSU and 3 hours of training each subsequent year until your graduate. Information on what is considered training can be found in our department’s RCR Training Guide, found below.

Students are responsible for inputting their own RCR hours for the year using the Research Training and Tracking System (RTTS). It is suggested the students input their hours as they do them,  all hours must for the year must be submitted by August 15th in order for them to be counted towards the academic year. More information on how to register and submit your hours using the RTTS system is found below.

Any questions regarding RCR or RTTS can be directed to Jennifer Desloover.

History Department RCR Policy

Instructions for RTTS