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MSU Undergraduates in Germany

Our undergraduates in Germany, summer 2014

The Department of History offers many classes on a wide variety of topics in the history of the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the world. We teach courses ranging from big surveys to small, discussion-based seminars, and our courses are open not only to History majors and minors but to the university community as a whole. Most courses have no prerequisites, though a few have restrictions based on students’ class status. We pride ourselves on being an excellent teaching department. All professors, no matter how senior or how prominent in the profession, teach regularly and at all levels from introductory seminars and survey courses to senior seminars and graduate seminars. We converse seriously among ourselves about teaching and incorporate the best techniques into our courses. Our very positive student evaluations reflect our concern with teaching.


Check the Registrar’s Schedule page for a complete listing of courses offered by the History Department.