Emily Conroy-Krutz

Position: Assistant Professor
Field: 19th Century, Religious, Women & Gender
Region: United States

Office: 306A Old Horticulture
Email: conroyk5@msu.edu
Phone: (517) 884-4932
Website: emilyconroykrutz.com

Emily Conroy-Krutz is a historian of eighteenth and nineteenth century America, with a specialization in the international history of American reform and religion. She earned her PhD from Harvard University in 2012. Her book, Christian Imperialism: Converting the World in the Early American Republic, was published by Cornell University Press in 2015 as part of the U.S. and the World Series. It examines the global reach of the American foreign mission movement in the years between the 1790s and 1840s and analyzes the missionary response to imperialism. She has published essays and articles on early American empire, Anglo-American connections in missions to India, transatlantic reform, and women’s education.

At Michigan State, she teaches courses on American women’s history, colonial America, the American Revolution, the US and the World, and religion and American politics.

To learn more, visit her website at emilyconroykrutz.com.