Digital Grant Projects

Screenshot of Slave Biographies: The Atlantic Database Network WebpageSlave Biographies: The Atlantic Database Network
 This is an open access data repository of information on the identities of enslaved people in the Atlantic World. It includes the names, ethnicities, skills, occupations, and illnesses of individual slaves. With generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we have completed phase one.




Magazine Cover Ramparts: The University on the make (or how MSU helped arm Madame Nhu)MSU Vietnam Group Archive With funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, this project is committed to the task of digitizing and archiving documents from 1955-1962, when MSU worked with the American government in South Vietnam for the purpose of producing a stable, non-Communist country in the Cold War era.




Vintage Advertisement for Jell-O What America Ate With funding by the National Endowment for the Humanities, this project aims to create an innovative website and online archive of culinary sources from the Great Depression. Materials include the far-flung papers of the WPA America Eats program, a collection of rare community cookbooks, and hundreds of food marketing and advertising materials from the 1930s.




Page from a historical document Social History of The Gambia Project funded by The British Library’s Endangered Archives program, trained 11 Gambians in digitization and basic archival procedures so as to digitize approximately 7,000 documents from The Court Record collections of the Department of State for Justice in Banjul. All equipment bought for the project was assigned to the National Records Service, The Gambia, greatly enhancing the storage and retrieval capacity of the archive, and continuing to be used for further digitization.