Graduate Forms

Forming a Guidance Committee and Planning Your Courses

Cheat Sheet for Graduate Program – This is a guide that will help you navigate the graduate program with a timeline of specific requirements of the program.

Non-Tenure and Non-Regular Faculty Request Instructions – If you choose to have a non-MSU committee member these are the instructions you need to follow to have them added to your committee.

GradPlan Abbreviated Student User Guide – User guide explaining what GradPlan is and how it works.

GradPlan Cheat Sheet – Take this form to your first guidance committee meeting. It will help when you have to input all the information into GradPlan.

Foreign Language Proficiency Information Packet – Take these sheets with you to your first guidance committee meeting. The department requires proficiency in two foreign languages, waivers and language requirements must be decided at the first meeting.

Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exam Proposal– This form needs to be filled out and turned in when your committee meets during your 2nd year to discuss the format and content of your comprehensive exams.

Record of Comprehensive Exams–  Form used at oral exam for your committee to sign off- both written and oral exams.

Record of Dissertation Proposal– Within six weeks but normally discussed at the time oral comprehensive exams.

Dissertation Defense

PhD Record of Dissertation and Oral Examination– Bring this filled out form to your defense and have all your committee members sign it and return it to the Graduate Secretary.


Travel funding request – Application for travel funding from advisor, department, college and/or graduate school.

Travel Authorization– Must be filled out for any travel where you are a representative of MSU (conferences, research, etc.)