History Graduate Student Bernard C. Moore wins the 2023-2024 College of Social Science Student Research Award  

By: Patti McDonald 

Michigan State University History graduate student Bernard C. Moore recently won the annual 2023-2024 Student Research Award from the College of Social Science. Included with the award is $500. 

Moore received this honor for his research in African economic and social history, which was published in article, “Swimming Upstream: From ‘Poor-Whites’ to ‘Coloureds’ along South Africa’s Lower Orange River, in L. Lenggenhager et. al. (eds.), The Lower !Garib/Orange River: Pasts and Presents of a Southern African Border Region, Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag (2023), pp. 119-144. 

Bernard C. Moore along the Orange River at Witbank (South Africa) in January 2022 conducting field research.