Prof. Jessica Marie Johnson Invited to Woodson Institute and Scholars Lab at the University of Virginia

Jessica Marie Johnson will speak at the University of Virginia on a panel discussing race and the digital humanities. Sponsored by the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies and the Scholars’ Lab, her talk, “Diaspora in Hypertext: African Diaspora, Ph.D., Slavery Bibliographies, and Making Black History on the Web,” explores her work founding the blog African Diaspora, Ph.D. and ways histories of slavery intersect with a more recent digital insurgency of global nerds of color operating on the internet. Highlighting scholarship and scholars in the field of Atlantic African Diaspora history, African Diaspora, Ph.D. is both artifact and action, a living bibliography on the web and part of a long history of online revolt against codes of race and tech.

Click for more (via UVa News)

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