“Transbeing” selected to participate in 2013 Film Festival

Javier Pescador’s “Transbeing” (2013) was officially selected to participate in the 2013 Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (Sep.27-29).

“Transbeing” (Gabrielle Pescador-Javier Pescador, Canada-U.S. 2013)
Danica, Kael and Emily redefine transgender identities in their own terms showing resilience and strength in their fight to live their true heart and soul. Searching for understanding and respect, the three share their struggles about coming out, passing, hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery. In spite of facing ignorance, prejudice and discrimination, Danica, Kael and Emily?s personal horizons mirror the challenges, aspirations and dreams of trans communities in contemporary society.

View the trailer http://pescadorarte.wordpress.com/film­reel/trans­being

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