Old Horticulture Welcomes Department of History!

2013 is already turning out to be an exciting year for the Department of History, beginning with our move from the historic Morrill Hall to Old Horticulture.

After a 2010 decision from the MSU Board of Trustees that deemed Morrill Hall unsafe, they approve a plan to demolish the building. Known for its high ceilings, big windows, and ample bookshelves, Morrill Hall was originally built to serve as a Women’s Building. The Women’s Building served as a dormitory for female students studying in the Women’s Course. This curriculum was centered around home economics. Since 1937, Morrill has been home to both the English and History Department.

The demolition is scheduled for early this year. This soon-to-be-empty plot will be called a “green space” with benches and gardens, fitting in well with the West Circle scenery.

More information about this exciting move will be covered in the Department of History Newsletter later this winter.

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