Africa in World History

Nwando Achebe has received a $172,000 National Endowment for the Humanities Award to fund an “Africa in World History” Summer Institute for High School Teachers to be held at Michigan State University from July 14-August 2, 2013. The institute will bring together twenty-five high school teachers who will explore strategies for incorporating Africa into world history. Institute lecturers include Institute director Nwando Achebe and associate director John Metzler, as well as Peter Alegi, Peter Beattie, Pero Dagbovie, Walter Hawthorne, Isaac Kalumbu, Peter Limb, Folu Ogundimu, David Robinson, David Wiley, and Leo Zulu (all from MSU). Other lecturers are: Raymond Silverman (University of Michigan), Cymone Fourshey (Susquehanna University), Dennis Laumann (University of Memphis), Tamba M’bayo (Hope College), Jonathan Reynolds (Northern Kentucky University), and Stephen R. Chan (Harvard-Westlake School).

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