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Phi Alpha Theta Initiation Ceremony

Initiation for the Alpha Phi Chapter was held on October 2, 2012 at 3:00pm. The new initiates were Karl R. Brink, Lucca Daniel Green, Morry Hutton, Rachel Manela, Cole Nedervelt, Jeffry Olenick, James Schwaderer, Nathan Story, and Christen Yoo. Those in attendance introduced themselves, giving a brief description of their areas of expertise as well as their historical aspirations. The members of the faculty that were present included Dr. Vieth, Alpha Phi Chapter Advisor; Dr. Hawthorne, Department Chair; Dr. Dagbovie, Graduate Director; Dr. Tabuteau, Undergraduate Advisor; Dr. Bailey, US History Professor; and the Alpha Phi Chapter President, Aubrey Catrone

The Chapter President served as presiding officer, while new members heard from history’s six Ages: The Prehistoric Age, The Ancient Age, The Medieval Age, The Early Modern Age, The Present Age, and The Future Age. Each Age urged new initiates to further their study of the past (history), exploring what has transpired, what is happening, and what will occur, all before it falls into oblivion.

Immediately following the ceremony, the president cut and distributed a Phi Alpha Theta themed cake and the group posed for pictures.

The afternoon culminated with Dr. Bailey’s engaging speech about the importance of history. Bailey’s talk embodied the true significance of history, in that nothing is as it appears. “What can truly be said about a numbered year?” he asked. Calendars lacked uniformity. Holidays were celebrated differently and on different dates. Wars started and ended. Historians attempt to explain patterns, events, and dates. But, it is all a matter of perception, based on research and evidence. Dr. Bailey argued that students of history never cease to study and learn, but rather continue to interpret and perceive narratives of the past, which is the mission of Phi Alpha Theta.


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