Javier Pescador’s New Book and Art Exhibits

Professor Javier has just published Crossing Borders with the Santo Nino de Atocha with University of New Mexico Press. He has presented the department with a copy of this beautifully bound book.

Moreover, The National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago has chosen Pescador’s installation “Santo Nino-Quetzalcoatl” (with Gabrielle Pescador) for contribution to the museum’s “Camino a Casa: Day of the Dead” an international ensemble of artists who have created installations for the largest Day of the Dead exhibit in the hemisphere. The exhibit runs from September 25 to December 13. For more information on “Camino a Casa: Day of the Dead” please visit the website for the National Museum of Mexican Art here.

In addition, “Curanderas: Heart & Hands of Coatlicue” a solo photography/painting exhibit by Gabrielle and Javier Pescador, just finished at the Riverside Arts Gallery at Ypsilanti. He will have an exhibition, entitled “Border Crossers Never Forgotten” coming up later in October here in East Lansing at the Michigan State University Museum and Cristo Rey Community Center.

You can find out more about Professor Pescador’s art and upcoming exhibits at his website http://www.pescadorarte.com/

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