Faculty Storage Folders (MAC)

Map a Network Drive: OSX

  1. Finder > Connect to Server
  2. smb://historydc01.ad.history.msu.edu/faculty
  3. Enter password
  4. Open your folder
  1. In the Finder, click the Go menu, select Connect to Server

1. For Server Address , smb://historydc01.ad.history.msu.edu/faculty username and password are the windows server credentials

2. Click the ‘Enter as a registered user’, enter your server username (first-initial.lastname for example j.doe) and password and click OK. (Click remember password in keychain to automatically log on)

3. A new icon will appear on your desktop and in your finder sidebar – that is your network drive. Double-click on the icon to open and use the drive. You may copy and paste files into this folder to backup your data.