Dani Willcutt

Dissertation Research: Serving it Up in the Capital City: Restaurants, Labor, and Restaurant Labor in Lansing, Michigan, 1963-2008

Dani Willcutt is a doctoral candidate in United States Food and Labor History in the History Department at Michigan State University with secondary fields in African American Women’s History and U.S. Im/Migration History. She is also finishing the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate. As part of earning the DH Certificate, Willcutt has worked as a graduate assistant and instructor in the Lab for the Education and Advancement of Digital Research (LEADR) during Summer 2020, Summer 2022, Spring 2023, and Fall 2023. She was also a Cultural Heritage Informatics Fellow during 2019-2020 and a Senior Fellow 2021-2022.

Committee Members
Helen Veit (advisor)
Kirsten Fermaglich
LaShawn Harris
Lisa Fine

Email: willcut2@msu.edu

Learn more about Dani Willcutt’s work here: http://willcut2.msu.domains/blog/

Teaching Assistantships at MSU
ISS 325 War and Revolution with Dr. Sean Forner, Fall 2021
IAH 201 American Diasporas with Dr. Peter Knupfer, Fall 2018
IAH 201 Information and Media with Dr. Dean Rehberger Spring 2022
IAH 201 Memory and Memorialization with Dr. Sharon Leon Fall 2022
IAH 203 Latin America and the World with Dr. Erin Graham, Fall 2021
HST 220 History of Food and Alcohol with Dr. Helen Veit, Spring 2019
HST 320 Michigan History with Dr. Roger Rosentreter, Summer 2019 & Fall 2019

Research Assistantships
Lab for the Education in and Advancement of Digital Research (LEADR), Summer 2020, Sumer 2022, Spring 2023, Fall 2023
Delia Fernandez, Spring 2020