Alison Kolodzy

Alison Kolodzy is a historian of modern Europe with a focus on French, migration, and gender history. Her dissertation examines interactions among the state, migrants, and religious organizations in twentieth century France.10365896_10105768229763134_5604745048354795244_n

Alison is the founder of the Migration Without Boundaries Conference at MSU, and has served as chair of the organizing committee. This interdisciplinary conference is now in its fifth year. More information on current and past conferences can be found here.

In the summer of 2016, Alison was a co-leader of two history-based study abroad programs, Europe at War and Britain and the World. Her interest in International Education has also led to a position as the Faculty Engagement & Development Graduate Intern in MSU’s Office of Study Abroad, as well as a Doctoral Study Abroad Fellowship.

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