Ronen Steinberg

[Photo credit: Jackie Hawthorne]

  • Position: Assistant Professor
  • Field: Modern Europe, Cultural, Intellectual, Political
  • Office: 350C Old Horticulture
  • Office Hours (Fall 2019): Friday, 1:00 – 3:00
  • Email:

Ronen Steinberg is a historian of modern Europe. His main areas of interest are the French Revolution, transitional justice, and mass violence. He has published articles on the history of terrorism, transitional justice, trauma and history, and the aftermath of the Reign of Terror. His book, The Afterlives of the Terror: Facing the Legacies of Mass Violence in Postrevolutionary France, will be out with Cornell University Press in September 2019

Dr. Steinberg teaches courses on European history, as well as the IAH 202: Europe and the World, and the ISS 210: the History and Theory of Genocide. In addition, he teaches upper level courses on the legacies of mass violence and on the French Revolution. He maintains an inexplicable interest in guillotines.

Dr. Steinberg earned his B.A. from Tel-Aviv University (2000) and his Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago (2010.) He has held fellowships at the University of Michigan, the American Philosophical Society, and, most recently, the University of Texas at Austin.