Peter Beattie

Peter BeattiePeter M. Beattie’s research focuses on nineteenth and early twentieth century Brazil and examines the interaction between the poor (including the enslaved) and state institutions.  His most recent journal publication is “‘Born Under the Cruel Rigor of Captivity, the Supplicant Left It Unexpectedly by Committing a Crime:’ Categorizing and Punishing Slave Convicts in Brazil, 1830-1897” The Americas 66:1 (July 2009):11-54.  He has another journal article forthcoming “The Jealous Institution: Male Nubility, Conjugality, Sexuality, and Discipline on the Social Margins in Imperial Brazil” in Comparative Studies in Society and History.

Position: Associate Professor

Field: 19th Century, Cultural, Social

Region: Latin American & Caribbean

Office: 340 Old Horticulture


Phone: (517) 884-4951

Book Cover The Tribute of Blood: Army, Honor, Race and the nation in Brazil, 1864-1945