Leslie Page Moch

Position: Emeritus Professor
Field: Comparative, Contemporary, Migration, Social, Women & Gender
Region: Europe & Russia

Office: 354 Old Horticulture
Office Hours: By appointment – simply write to leslie@msu.edu
Email: leslie@msu.edu
Phone: (517) 884-4967

I am an historian of European migration — interested in movement since I was born in Seattle and headed out to camp as a kid, then to universities in Switzerland, Connecticut and Michigan — and moved to upstate New York, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and back to Michigan. Trained as an historian of France, I have written on France and Western Europe, and have now explored the history of migration in Russia.  From this last venture came Broad Is My Native Land: Repertoires and Regimes of Migration in Russia’s Twentieth Century, coauthored with Lewis Siegelbaum (Cornell U.P., 2014) – a follow-up to The Pariahs of Yesterday: Breton Migrants in Paris (Duke U.P., 2012) and Moving Europeans: Migration in Western Europe since 1650 (Indiana U.P., 2003).