Gordon Stewart

Gordon T. Stewart is Professor Emeritus of World History and British Empire History with a focus on South Asia. His two most recent books are JUTE AND EMPIRE. THE CALCUTTA JUTE WALLAHS AND THE LANDSCAPES OF EMPIRE (Manchester University Press, 1998), and JOURNEYS TO EMPIRE. ENLIGHTENMENT, IMPERIALISM, AND THE BRITISH ENCOUNTER WITH TIBET 1774-1904 (Cambridge University Press, 2009). He has written articles on a variety of topics from charismatic leadership in religious revivals to the relationship between mountaineering and empire for a range of international professional journals including PAST & PRESENT, COMPARATIVE STUDIES IN SOCIETY AND HISTORY, HISTOIRE SOCIALE/ SOCIAL HISTORY, JOURNAL OF SPORTS HISTORY, and HISTORY TODAY. To give a sense of his current research he has a forthcoming article to be published in the JOURNAL OF WORLD HISTORY titled “1774: The Scottish Enlightenment Meets the Tibetan Enlightenment” , a forthcoming chapter in the Oxford University Press series New Directions in the History of Exploration on “European Exploration in Central Asia”, and a book chapter on comparative urban history “Endgame for Jute: Dundee and Calcutta 1890-2000.”