MTTC Certification Exams

Students are solely responsible for MTTC test preparation.

MDE Social Studies standards focus on the following content areas:

  1. Historical Concepts and Skills
  2. World History
  • S. History
  1. Interdisciplinary Perspectives

The Department of History advises students as follows:

  • HST courses teach students how to study history, not all of the facts, knowledge, and analysis in a period or area.
  • Many MTTC Subarea questions demand detailed knowledge of people, places, and events in history that may or may not be specifically covered in a HST course.
  • HST courses enable students to learn research and studying skills—the ability to inquire about, find, and integrate information—that are the core of the discipline.
  • HST courses are representative and not comprehensive.
  • Students have primary responsibility to use HST courses as a foundation for their career preparations, not as a substitute.
  • Success on the MTTC exams requires additional study that applies the knowledge and skills learned in HST courses to exam preparation.


More information about MTTC testing, including practice tests, may be found at