VPN Client Installation (MAC)


Please download the appropriate Tunnelblick Client version for your operating system (“Tiger”, “Leopard”, “Snow Leopard”) by “Clicking Here” and scrolling down to the “Stable Releases” download section.

Security certificates required for Step 5 can be downloaded here: https://historydc01.ad.history.msu.edu/vpn-config.zip
You will use the same username/password that you will use later to ‘Connect to Server…’

  1. Mount and install the ‘Tunnelblick.#.##.dmg’ application
  2. Start the Tunnelblick application, input password if asked, accept the warnings, and click ‘Continue..’
  3. After starting it successfully a new icon will appear near your clock, it will match the Tunnelblick icon
  4. Click that icon and select close (yes, close the application you have just opened)
  5. Copy the following files into the “~Librariesopenvpn” directory (this file will only exist if you have started the program and exited it as specified in steps 2-4)
    (EX: Home –> Libraries –> openvpn)

    1. ca.crt
    2. client.ovpn
    3. facultyclient.crt
    4. facultyclient.csr
    5. facultyclient.key
  6. Start Tunnelblick application again from the ‘Applications’ menu
  7. Now, click on the icon of Tunnelblick near your clock and check the ‘client’ connection to connect to it**
  8. Each time you wish to connect to HISTORY VPN you must repeat steps 7 & 8 unless you followed the note below to elimitate step 8

NOTE: ** To have Tunnelblick automatically connect to the ‘client’ (HISTORY) network when it starts select ‘Details…’ and check ‘Automatically connect at launch’**