James Chrislip

Year in Program: 1

Fields: Modern Europe: French Colonialism in Indochina, Economics

Research Languages: French

Educational Background: MA in World History, New York University (2016); BA in History and French, Chapman University (2012).

Email: chrislip@msu.edu

I am a historian of modern France, focusing on the economic relationships between the Metropole, colonial administrations, business interests, and political actors within the colonies.  My Master’s Thesis, completed in 2016, investigated the economic tensions that arose between Metropolitan administrators and the Syndicat des Planteurs de Caoutchouc de l’Indochine, a prominent rubber plantation conglomerate in French Indochina, during the first half of the Twentieth Century.  I explored the impact of French colonial trade policies on the rubber industry in terms of economic output, political limitations, currency manipulation, and working conditions.