Georgina M. Montgomery

Position: Professor
Field: Science/Medicine, Women & Gender
Region: Africa, United States

Office: 334 Old Horticulture

Dr. Georgina M. Montgomery received her PhD in the History of Science and Technology from the University of Minnesota in 2005. After teaching for two years at Montana State University, she joined Lyman Briggs College (75% appointment) and History (25% appointment) in the fall of 2008. Her research focuses on the history of field science, particularly the development of field methods and sites within primatology and animal behavior studies. Primatology is an international science and therefore her research also engages with issues of race, gender and globalization. Montgomery is interested in supervising graduate students interested in pursuing  these kind of research areas at Michigan State University.

Georgina M. Montgomery organized the international and interdisciplinary conference Animals: Past, Present and Future in April of 2009. Ten of the fifty-three papers presented at that conference are included in the volume, Making Animal Meaning, which Montgomery co-edited with Linda Kalof, Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University. Montgomery also has a book  (2015, University of Virginia Press) entitled, Primates in the Real World: Escaping Primate Folklore, Creating Primate Science and co-edited The Companion for the History of American Science with Mark Largent for Blackwell Press.

Montgomery’s other publications include articles for the Journal for the History of Biology and Endeavour, book chapters for Teaching the Animal and a  chapter on Darwin and Gender for the Cambridge University Press’ encyclopedia on Darwin. 

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