Eddie Bonilla


My research focuses on Mexican American and Chicano Marxists and Communists during the twentieth century and their involvement in transnational and cross-racial activism. I closely examine their polemics, propaganda, union organizing, and their utilization of the Marxist canon such as the writings of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Antonio Gramsci, and Mao Zedong to understand how they provided alternative forms of organizing compared to cultural nationalism particularly during the Chicano movement. I also focus on how the United States and Mexican nation states utilized violence, surveillance, and infiltration to stifle the activism of Marxist-Leninists during the Cold War when it was dangerous to be affiliated with Marxism or Communism.

Fields of Interest: 20th Century United States History, 2oth Century African American History, 20th Century Latin American History, Social Movements, Revolutions, and Racial, Ethnic, Political Economy, and Class Forms of Resistance to Power,

TA Experience: HST 202 U.S. History to 1876 (Co-Instructor), HST 329 College Sports History (C0-Instructor), IAH 201 U.S. and the World, IAH 203 Latin America and the World, ISS 220: Time, Space, and Change Human Society

Year in Program: 4

Advisors: Dr. Juan Pescador & Dr. Edward Murphy

Committee: Dr. Michael Stamm, Dr. Pero Dagbovie

Fields: United States History, Latin American History, African American History

Languages: Spanish

Educational Background: B.A., University of California Irvine, Chicano/Latino Studies, 2013.

Contact: bonillae@msu.edu