• The Journal of West African History International Launch Conference

    The Journal of West African History International Launch Conference More>

  • Why You Can’t Teach U.S. History without American Indians

    Susan Sleeper-Smith's Why You Can't Teach History without American Indians More>

  • David T. Bailey

    Michigan State University has lost one of the finest intellectuals in its history. More>

  • Graduate Student Research

    Our graduate students travel the world conducting research. More>

  • Study Abroad

    Our undergraduates study abroad in the summers. More>


    History's Lab for Education in and Advancement of Digital Research. More>

  • Soviet History Website

    17 MOMENTS IN SOVIET HISTORY, a multimedia archive of primary materials is back online. More>

  • NEH

    MSU History faculty research supported by the NEH. More>

Why Major in History?

History majors learn to think broadly, and they develop skills in critical analysis, research, and oral, written and digital communication. They grow as informed citizens. And they find the joy of making new discoveries and conquering great challenges. Knowledge and experience gained in History coursework enables our majors to excel in a wide variety of fields, such as education, law, government, international development, business, journalism, medicine, social work and much more. Make history! And do so with an eye toward the future. Become a major. More>