Ryan Carty

Year in Program: 3

Fields: African History (West Africa); Science and Technology Studies; World History

Advisors: Nwando Achebe, Jamie Monson

Committee: Glenn Chambers, Walter Hawthorne

Research Languages: English, French, Hausa (Ajami)

Educational Background: BA University of Pennsylvania 2013

Email: cartyrya@msu.edu

I am a third year PhD student in the History Department. My research engages with the fields of African history, technology studies, and the digital humanities. Currently, I am pursuing research on the history of animal skins and leather work in the Volta Basin in West Africa. I am interested in the changing technological practices applied to animal skins and the associated social and cultural changes. For example, animal skins and leather work became important markers of northern identity in Ghana in the twentieth century. My research draws on historical documents, material objects, and oral histories.

Before graduate school, I worked for a research, monitoring, and evaluation firm (ILC Africa) based in Accra, Ghana where I managed projects and did all things data.