John Doyle-Raso

I am a third-year student interested in the history of East Africa and the Nile basin. My co-advisors are Drs. Laura Fair and Jamie Monson. My main thematic interests are environmental history and history of science – and in particular, the translation of environmental science between languages.

I completed a bachelor’s at McMaster University, 2012, majoring in peace studies and sociology, and minoring in biology, and the master’s of international and world history program at Columbia University and the London School of Economics, 2014. As an undergraduate, I did interview-based ethnographies of rural water governance in Dodoma Region, Tanzania, the Somali diaspora in Hamilton, Ontario, and undergraduate students who participated in volunteer work abroad. My master’s research addressed the construction of the Owen Falls Dam as part of the decolonization of East Africa and the water politics of the Nile.

My doctoral dissertation asks how wetland ecology emerged as a field of science through the translation of knowledge between languages in eastern Uganda, and how Ugandan ecologists engaged these exchanges to define the field globally.