History Department Online Courses

How To Register for Online History Courses

For Students at Michigan State University

If you are currently enrolled in Michigan State University, you can sign up to take classes as you normally would sign up for courses. Please visit the Registrar’s website http://www.reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/Enrollment.asp for more information.

Life Long Learners and non-MSU Students

If you are a high school graduate (or have your GED) but are not currently enrolled at Michigan State University, you can sign up to take online History classes through the Lifelong Education program. You can take online history courses if you are enrolled at another college or university, and even if you are not enrolled at a college or university at all. For instructions on how to enroll as a Lifelong Education student please visit the program’s website http://www.reg.msu.edu/ROInfo/EnrReg/LifelongEducation.asp.

Transfer Credits

For students enrolled at other universities who are seeking transfer credits, see: http://www.michigantransfernetwork.org/