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HST 329 – College Sports History in the US

Taught by: Dr. Juan Javier Pescador

280x_1-4-AF-49-sportsHistory-a0a0s7-a_13864 – This class will introduce students to the major historical transformations in intercollegiate athletic competitions from their origins in the U.S. nineteenth century to present times. The course will analyze the evolution of College sports as physical competitions, leisure activities, youth rituals, gender & race differentiators, and, finally, as forms of social entertainment, national pride and commercial enterprises. Furthermore, this class will focus on the intersections between organized college sports and the construction of masculine, regional and identities in the United States in the 20th century. The class is designed to provide a substantial introduction to the history of college sports in industrial and post-industrial U.S. society and its connections with cultural representations of youth, race, class, national and gender identities during the extended American Century. It will also focus on the connections between college sports and socially constructed notions of body, fitness, gender, and beauty.