History Department Online Courses

HST 328 – Modern U.S. Military History

Taught by: Dr. Roger Rosentreter

– The 20th Century is filled with struggles for freedom. Beginning with the Philippine Insurrection of 1899-1902, this course traces the 20th century experiences of the U.S. Armed Forces. Stops along the way include Belleau-Woods and the Meuse-Argonne Forest (World War I), Omaha Beach and Okinawa (World War II), the 38th Parallel and the Yalu River (Korea), Da Nang and My Lai (Vietnam) and Kuwait and 73 Easting (First Iraq War). Discussions will trace the American role in each conflict, including causation, armament advances and consequences, as well as interludes with Americans whose names are well known (Pershing, York, Eisenhower, Bradley, Nimitz, MacArthur & Ridgway) and thousands more who were simply known as Doughboys, GIs and grunts.