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HST 250 – History of the Digital Age

Taught by: Brandon Locke

History 250 – Computers are ubiquitous.  Whether we are in our cars, our planes, our houses, our hospitals, or our classrooms, computers are now part of the infrastructure of everyday life.  How and why did this come about?  In order to explore this question, the course will be broken into three separate, though integrated themes.  First, we explore the historical foundations (going back to the mid 19th century) of modern computing technology.  Second, we investigate the technological and functional underpinnings of computers and computer systems.  Last, we examine the social dimensions of computing and computing technology, information technology, and communication technology.  The approach of the of the course will be be far more than a simple look at the historical progression ofOperating ENIAC Computer hardware and software.  Instead, the class will focus acutely on the people and institutions surrounding and facilitating the development of computers and computing technology.