History Department Online Courses

Online Courses

The History Department of Michigan State University is offering online courses in two summer sessions. You can take 100, 200, 300, and 400 level courses online from anywhere in the world and make progress on your degree. All you need is a sustainable, broadband connection to the internet. You can finish a 100 or 200 level survey courses in World, U.S., Asian, and African History.  You can take courses such as History of Michigan and ISS 328, Global Culture of Soccer, that fill requirements of the university or a variety of majors.  You can also take  300– or 400– level specialty courses on a range of topics from Modern US Military History to the History of Sport in America to the History of Sexuality to much more (see full list below).

If you are interested in our online courses, please visit our registration information page. You do not have to be an MSU student to take our courses.  Students at other universities can take them and may qualify for low in-state rates.  Further, most of our courses count for credit toward degrees elsewhere.  For transfer-credit information, see http://www.michigantransfernetwork.org/

If you have questions, please contact us at history@msu.edu

Summer 2019 Online Courses