Online Course List

How to Register

For Non-MSU Students:

  1. Apply to become a Lifelong Education student. (for more information about this status click here)
  2. After you are accepted you need to initiate your MSUNet ID and password via an email or letter from MSU Office of Admissions.
  3. Once you have initiated your MSUNet ID and password go to and search for your course.
  4. visual of schedule of courses
  5. To add a section to your Schedule Builder click on the icon to the left of the section number.
  6. schedule builder invdividual course enrollment
  7. After you have added the section of a course to your planner, click on the Enroll button   to enroll in the course.

For MSU Students

  1. Enroll through schedule builder as you would for normal academic year courses.

Summer 2019 Online Courses