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Walter Hawthorne, Department Chair

Make History

Morrill HallThe Move: In December 2012, History said goodbye to Morrill Hall and moved to the Old Horticulture Building. Opened in 1900, Morrill Hall was first named the Women’s Building. Though women were admitted to MSU in small numbers beginning in 1870, a women’s course was not introduced until 1896. As the number of women rose, the university need a dormitory—the Women’s Building.  The Dean of women had a residence on the first floor and home economics instructors lived on the upper floors. Read more

LEADR: The Lab for Education in and Advancement of Digital Humanities, is a joint, forward-looking, student-centered venture . The cutting-edge lab opened in Old Horticulture, home of the History Department, in August 2014. Its director is Brandon Locke, who shined in a search conducted in spring 2014. In LEADR, undergraduate and graduate students are developing innovative digital and web-based projects in collaboration with other students, faculty, and specialists in digital technologies and design. Read More

Study Abroad: In June and July of 2014, two history abroad programs brought MSU History students to Europe. History Professor Malcolm Magee, graduate students Rebekka Sherman-Loeffle and Karenanna Creps, and program assistant Logan O’Neil organized things.  Students studied in Jena and Regensburg in Germany, Strasbourg and Paris in France, London and Cambridge in England, and Edinburgh in Scotland. And they had an adventure to talk about for  a lifetime. Read More

Grad Research: In recent years, our graduate students have conducted research in places as far flung as Zambia and Germany, South Africa and Argentina, Nigeria and Cuba, Japan and Mexico, Ghana and Russia, The Gambia and Brazil, Senegal and France, and Kenya and the USA. Our students have been successful at obtaining funding from the Fulbright Foundation, the National Science Foundation, British Library Endangered Archives Program, Foreign Language Area Studies Program, Social Science Research Council, National Endowment for the Arts, and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Read More