MAKE HISTORY with our new Global History Major

The Department of History is proud to announce the existence of a new major in Global History.  This major enables students who wish to concentrate on some area of the world other than the United States to develop considerable expertise in that area by focusing their study, completing a relevant minor, and learning a relevant language.

The major is ideal for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in African, Ancient Mediterranean, Asian, European,  Middle Eastern, or Latin American History or in Classical Studies. We also crafted it with the goal of launching students into careers in international development, law and business. And it is appropriate for those who plan to work for an NGO, humanitarian organization or the State Department.

For students who have entered the College of Social Science in or after the Fall semester of 2017, please note that, under certain circumstances, a minor that is used in partial fulfillment of the college requirements may also be used to cover the requirement of the Global History major for a minor in the area under study.  This would apply to the current college minors in African Studies and Asian Studies, to the projected college minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and perhaps to other projected minors.

If you would like to switch to the new major or have questions  please contact Professor Emily Tabuteau