We are glad that your way to found “Test Course: Creating History Online.”  This is a self-paced workshop that will help you to develop an online history course.  Whether you are new to teaching online or an old hand at it, you will find the information youneed to build your first course or to enhance an old course.  The workshop is completely self paced, and we invite you to browse around to see what we have put together for you.

Once you are ready to begin, then start with Module 1 and work way through to Module 7.  You should be able to complete the workshop in 24 hours (each module is designed to be completed in 2-4 hours); however, the length of time to complete each module can vary, depending on your prior knowledge.

Each module has three layers: an overview, required materials, and optional media.  The overview is designed to acquaint you with each module and its learning objectives and key ideas.  The required materials are the minimum needed to help you build an effective course.  The optional media will give your more practice, ideas, and tips and tricks.  Thus if you are more inexperienced, you may need more time for each module since you may want to complete a good deal of the optional media.  If you are more experienced, you may need to only pick and choose among pieces of the different modules.

Now it is time to go out and explore.  Any time you take an online course, it is always good to click through the whole site, exploring every nook and cranny.