There are seven units that will guide you through completion of HST334. The course runs over seven weeks, one unit per week. It is necessary for you to complete these units in sequence.

Each unit page consists of the following:

  • Lecture videos and slides
  • A video introduction to the readings
  • A reading list, including links to pdf files of the required readings
  • Mandatory assignments for each unit
  • Some units have supplementary viewing material which you are encouraged to watch.

Unit 1

  • Geography and Population Trends
  • The “Economy” of Early Modern Europe

Unit 2

  • Italian Political Structures during the Renaissance
  • The Italian Renaissance and Humanism
  • Discoveries in Early Modernity: The Printing Press

Unit 3

  • Iberia at the End of the Middle Ages
  • Discoveries, Expansion, Competition
  • Discoveries in the East

Unit 4

  • Power and Politics circa 1500
  • The Italian Wars and Dynastic Politics in the Sixteenth Century
  • The Rise of Spain: Charles V / Carlos I

Unit 5

  • Christianity in the West on the Eve of the Reformation
  • Northern Humanism and Church Reform
  • Martin Luther and the Challenge to Rome

Unit 6

  • Divergent Reforms: Switzerland and Germany
  • Reform and the State: London, Münster, Geneva
  • The Counter-Reformation and the Persistence of Catholicism

Unit 7

  • The Later Reign of Charles V and the Early Reign of Philip II
  • The French Wars of Religion
  • Religion and Politics in England and the Netherlands