Jodie Marshall

My field of speciality is the history of Africa in the Indian Ocean. My current research examines migration between Zanzibar and Oman during the twentieth century. In my dissertation project, Living Between Oman and Zanzibar: A Social History of Twentieth Century Transnational Families, I use a combination of oral history interviews, archival documents, and privately held documents and materials to answer two central research questions: How did migrants’ actions create a transnational community? and how did changing laws, regimes, and economic situations over the course of the twentieth century affect migrant families? Through answering these questions I address literatures on transnationalism, migration, and the histories of connections and ethnicity in the Western Indian Ocean.

I am currently in the Zanzibar archipelago on a Fulbright IIE Student award and will continue research in Oman, the UK, and Zanzibar until December 2018 on a Fulbright Hays DDRA fellowship.

Year in Program: 5th year

Adviser: Dr. Laura Fair

Areas of study: Africa (East), Migration, Gender and sexuality, Indian Ocean, Islamic World, global/transnational history, cultural history, twentieth century history

Languages: Kiswahili, French, Arabic

Education: B.A. University of Vermont (2011), M.A. University of Vermont (2013)

Curriculum vitae