Henry Busby

My research centers most broadly on Gilded Age/Progressive Era U.S. history, with thematic foci on religious and agrarian history. My dissertation will likely consist of three case studies (Ionia County, MI, McLennan County, TX, and Limestone County, AL), in each of which religious institutions commanded influence over local farmers’ daily lives. Advice and suggestions as to how my research should proceed are always welcomed.

Year in Program: 1

Fields: United States History, International Labor and Working-Class, History of Religion

Advisor: Dr. Tom Summerhill

Committee: Dr. Tom Summerhill, Dr. Lisa Fine, Dr. Emily Conroy-Krutz, Dr. Helen Veit, Dr. Ronen Steinberg

Research Languages: Spanish (reading)

Educational Background: MA in History 2016 from University of Wyoming, BA in History 2014 from University of Memphis


Email: busbyhen@msu.edu