Dawson McCall

My name is Dawson McCall and I study the relationship between distance running and secondary education in the history and development of Kenya specifically, and East Africa more generally. My research interests are currently directed at the formation of running culture in modern Kenyan history and its relationship to education and schooling. In addition, other interests of mine include the role that the global sports economy has played in the development of running culture in Kenya and how gender and class dynamics play out in the context of an increasingly global sports economy.

I came to MSU after ten years of teaching high school World History, US Government (AP), and European History (AP) in Southern Mississippi and New Orleans, LA. In addition, I have ten years of coaching experience in basketball, cross country, and track.


Fields of Interest: African History (Modern East Africa) Sports History, History of Education, Pedagogy, and  Global Sports Economies

Advisor: Laura Fair

Committee: Laura Fair, Walter Hawthorne, Peter Alegi, Bethany Wilinski

Research Language(s): Swahili

Educational Background: B.A. – History, Loyola University, N.O. (2004)

Teaching Appointment (’17-’18): HST 140 (World History to 1500 – Fall 2017) with Liam Brockey & IAH 202 (Understanding Europe in an Age of Globalization – Spring 2018) with Ronen Steinberg

Email: mccalld3@msu.edu