Dawson McCall

Dawson is a “hopeless generalist” with a deep interest in African history and the historical development of African studies as it relates to the various narratives of social, cultural, and political development in the construction and communication of knowledge about what is often termed Pre-Modern and Modern World History.

With ten years of experience teaching history on the high school level informing his research interests, current areas of focus include the ways in which West African, specifically Igbo, oral traditions have functioned as distinct structures for the communication of educational pedagogy and method, and how these characteristics fit into the larger context of the global politics of knowledge and the construction, communication, and teaching of historical narratives both inside and outside of professional history and the academy.

Year in Program: 1

Fields: African History, World History, & Education

Advisor: Nwando Achebe

Committee: TBD

Research Languages: Igbo

Educational Background: B.A. – History, Loyola University, N.O. (2004)


Email: mccalld3@msu.edu