Carolyn Pratt


I study changing ideas, both popular and professional, about how emotions impact carcinogenesis and survival time. I am particularly interested in how descriptions of emotions reflect normative ideas about race, gender, and health and how beliefs about healthy emotions shape the experiences of cancer patients. Looking at psychosomatic research will provide a way for me to view common assumptions about patients with different types of cancer.




Carolyn Pratt

Advisor: Dr. John Waller

Committee: Dr. Helen Veit, Dr. Ellen Velie, and Dr. Kirsten Fermaglich

Fields: History of Science, Medicine and Technology; United States History; History of Gender



History of Medicine (HST 425), History of Michigan (HST 320), Families in Historic Perspective (HST 413), U.S. History to 1876 (202), U.S. History since 1876 (203), Latin America and the World (IAH 203), Self, Society and Technology (IAH 206), Social Difference and Inequality (ISS 215)