Abdoulie Jabang

I am a doctoral student studying African History. I am interested in the 17th and the 18th Centuries West African History, Upper Guinea, the Atlantic, and the Greater Senegambia. I am particularly interested in exploring the impact of the Atlantic slave trade in the lower Senegal and The Gambia valleys.  My research will cover precolonial and colonial periods, documenting the relationship between famine and enslavement in the lower Senegal and the Gambia valleys during the early seventeenth-century and the mid-eighteenth. It will also explore how these developments connect to the political and religious turmoil that characterized the Greater Senegambia, and what the size of slave exports from this region tells about the changes in the environment in the lower Senegal and The Gambia valleys. I am interested in the Gambia’s place in the Black Atlantic World and how local environmental conditions impacted the nature of the trade as well as relationships between African traders and European merchants on the Gambian ports

My master’s research, “The Politics of Minority (In)Tolerance: The case of The Gambia and Ahmadiyah Community,” explores the changing nature of the relationship between the Gambian state and the Ahmadiyah community. Ahmadiyah is a global Islamic minority group that has often faced significant repression and targeted violence by Sunni majority states.

TA Experience (Ohio University, Athens):
POLS_1500: Themes in Global Politics
POLS_2500: Introduction to International Relations

Year in Program: 1

Advisor: Dr. Walter Hawthorne

Fields: African History (West Africa), Atlantic World, Environmental History, History of Islamic World

Research Languages: Mandinka, English

Educational Background: B.A University of The Gambia, Development Studies, 2014. MA Ohio University, Political Science, 2017.

Email: jabangab@msu.edu