Sara Fingal

Sara FingalSara Fingal earned her MA and PhD from Brown University and her undergraduate degree from Scripps College in Claremont, California. Her work to date ties together urban and rural history with an analysis of landscapes and ecosystems that transcend municipal, state, and national boundaries throughout North America. Her principal research interests are environmental history, North American borderlands, social movements, the Great Lakes, science and society, race and gender in post-1945 U.S. society and culture, and the Pacific shoreline from Oregon to Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Presently, Fingal is working on her research and teaching courses on environmental history and the history, philosophy, and sociology of science at Michigan State University. She has a dual appointment at Lyman Briggs College (75%) and the Department of History (25%). Her current book manuscript is focused on conflicts over access and property rights along the Pacific coastline in the mid-twentieth century.

Position: Assistant Professor
Field: United States, Environmental, 20th Century, Science/Medicine