Kirsten Fermaglich

th_4d6d7753bffb144b682faaa10317655a_1283182242historydeptphotoI have been teaching history and Jewish Studies at Michigan State since 2001.  My interests center around the historical meanings and problematic nature of ethnic identity in the United States:  I am particularly interested in secular Jews as both members of and outsiders to the Jewish community.  I am also interested in the ways that gender, race, class, and family intersect with ethnic identity.

My first book, American Dreams and Nazi Nightmares (Brandeis University Press, 2006), looked at secular Jewish intellectuals’ uses of the Holocaust in the early 1960s.  My current project, tentatively entitled A Rosenberg by Any Other Name, explores the history of name changing in the United States in the twentieth century.  I am also co-editing, with Lisa Fine, the Norton Critical Edition of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique.

I teach undergraduate classes in American Jewish history and culture, as well as undergraduate and graduate classes in United States history after 1865.

Position: Associate Professor

Field: 20th Century, Cultural, Intellectual, Migration, Social, Women & Gender

Region: United States

Office: 309 Old Horticulture

Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 11:00-12:00


Phone: (517) 884-4935