Josh Cochran


CochranI am a historian of U.S. in the World, with an emphasis on the relationship between U.S. foreign relations and domestic political culture. My work focuses on the role U.S. expatriates (e.g., authors, artists, business professionals, and students) had shaping foreign debates during the twentieth century. I am interested in how expats integrated international  expertise into public debates over U.S. national security and international credibility, the effects these perspectives had in shaping domestic attitudes about the U.S.’s postwar empire, and how international events shaped popular attitudes about U.S. expatriates during the Cold War.

Previously, I was on the staff at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have worked on various public history projects including at the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University, the University of Iowa Special Collections, and on a digital Presidential Timeline Project spearheaded by the Lyndon B. Johnson Foundation.

I teach U.S. Foreign Relations (before and after 1914) , “U.S. and the World” for the Integrated Arts and Humanities Program, and I am scheduled to teach “Time,  Space, and Change in Human Society,” for the Integrated Social Science Program in Spring 2017.


Position: Assistant Professor, Fixed Term
Field:  U.S. Foreign Relations; U.S. in the World; Public History
Region: United States

Office: 342 Old Horticulture
Phone: 517-884-4953