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Blog Entry#7

Sopa, and Pipa are rules which protect and refrains users from accomplishing any illegal online piracy action. These act’s were first brought to the United States attention when officials started seeing and catching citizens performing illegal online piracy based actions. Unfortunately, these forms of actions are killing businesses. If the actions aren’t stopped then businesses or entertainers will be out of a job. There will be no purpose for them to exist. However, the Congress introduced Sopa (Stop Online Piracy Act) in assistance to prevent actions like such from appearing again. Government officials are now attentive, also constantly monitoring and hoping these precautionary procedures will protect market, jobs, and small or big entertainment industries.

Pipa (Protecting Intellectual Property of Content Creators) is an essential goal inside this whole act. The internet is trying to protect certain but important rights. In doing so, original creators could not only sustain their job but continue to reach their public with good quality work instead of stressing about producing bad quality. Protect Ip, a tool, in which the government uses and tries to catch fraudulent websites from doing business. If the tool is entirely initiated in our country then many foreign websites will be closed from our usage. The U.S. is trying to close down certain foreign websites from doing fraudulent business. The products sold from these websites are killing our economy and jobs. The government is hoping to get this initiated, however, certain actions still haven’t been initiated. We as consumers need to stand up and express our concerns. Nothing said in the government office have yet been finalized so action is needed by the people. Anonymous is a perfect example. This protest was led by a man in New York. He hoped to get our peoples attention to fraudulent products or illegal actions appearing on our internet usage. However, one man cannot do the big task. We need to play our part in recognizing this issue.

Blog Entry#6

Copyright laws or intellectual property constantly goes into questioning in every single debate. The decision protects the creator’s patented product. Basically other people can’t gain access to modifying the original product. That was a comment made then, but what about now? Technology has evolved into another powerful era! Music is a big portion in copyright laws or intellectual property. People listen to music on the regular, however, music at clubs or concerts seem to be modified quite a bit. Nobody wants to disturb an original work. However, people are constantly looking for something better than the last track! The web has done a better job in respecting modifications while still instilling copyright or intellectual property based laws.

There are many programs offered through the web which enables Dj’s modify their tracks. The opportunity allows them doing so; however, the tracks could not be sold! This basically protects the creator’s original work from being disenfranchised. People are enjoying great beneficiaries from utilizing opportunities offered through technology. Unfortunately, a small amount of individual try to extract more which leads into illegal downloading or modifying a product then selling it. Things like such occur every day which leads me into a conclusion. If events like so keeps occurring- the web will destroy the copyright laws and intellectual property.

Producers of Good Copy and Bad Copy beliefs support my argument. Technology is used every day. Something new always happens and it’s becoming an art. When people add modifications towards a product- they are adding a new style or personality into the work. Technology offers a variety of opportunity. Opportunities are used to create a more upbeat form of enjoyment. That’s how an original work becomes possible. Some people misuse the opportunity which could damage a well good reputation. Dj’s enjoy the art of mixing or adding flavor to their music list, however, distribution of somebody’s else work is just cheating your way into originality. The video emphasizes all these great things and I firmly use it to support my argument.

Blog Entry# 5

Technology has affected today’s world in endless amounts of ways. Listing advancements continues to grow as we speak. One of the cool changes I have seen resonates with communication methods. Technology development now offers many opportunities used to communicate with one another. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are- you can still contact people by using cool communication tools. Licklider’s article explains helps explains how technology’s new communication assist our everyday lives although could consume us in the practice too.

Licklider mentioned how the new communication tools are making our lives much easier. He uses business meetings as a perfect example: Instead of meeting up for meetings- business members could email their suggestions or thoughts on an issue then later collaborate all of their ideas into one agreement. Licklider believes a conversation through a computer is still effective as a face to face conversation. These new communication advances may offer us convenience; however, I disagree with Licklider’s argument. Yes social networks or email is a great method to communicate with one another although these tools should only be used for casual conversations. It shouldn’t evolve into repetitive and consume our only source to a social life. Sometimes our responses on emails or social networks could be difficult to comprehend, however, in person the material is easily explained which leads into a better comprehension. Licklider also had a couple flaws in his article as well. For example, Licklider examined and concluded how people seem to converse more through computer usage. I do agree that we often converse more trough this method, however, how many of those conversations are remembered and do we truly comprehend each other. He left out this aspect and that’s where I believe he made a mistake. Using social networks and emails is great an all although we need to realize they should not be our only option in communicating with each other. Too much of anything is bad and could greatly consume our lives. Licklider did mention that in his article and that’s something I agree with him on.

I believe his article somewhat explains how today’s world is immersed in this new source to communication. However, he needs to go into a deeper explanation because I felt his article is a little to general. Sherry Turkle does a pretty good job explaining and comparing his views. Turkle believes speed is why many people are consumed in social network as a source of communication. Most people are on the run and you might not even see or talk to them till the end of the month. Social network makes it easier for us to communicate by posting comments or post on each other’s page. People often believe this is a conversation; however, it’s actually us waiting for a conversation to get started. Yes the system is a great source for quick or immediate discussion although social networks are quite limited. In a way, Turkle’s podcast definitely argues against many of Licklider’s beliefs. Turkle does a good job in supporting his argument by using speed. His last couple words reflected as: we might receive fast messages through using social networks although swift puts us in an adrenaline rush and makes our words sometimes limited.

Blog Entry#4 Learning from War gaming/ Simulation and History

Everybody enjoys the sound of boom, bang, and actions based sounds emitting from War based games. The gun sounds or soldiers running around in trying to complete their mission are heroic and all, but what does War games teaches today’s society. This article helps answer that question. Based on several gamer’s opinions, gamers say war game are not a waste of time instead they actually do a good job in viewing today’s battlefield and today’s world. A gamer also mentioned these military games can teach us a little bit more than just reading from history books. The author uses opinions from present gamers as a thesis in help answering what type of things can be learned from war gaming and why not from other games such as sports related, or board games. Matthew Kirshenbaum, the author, main argument was does video game actually teaches us any importance and if so what are they and why war gaming compared to other genre of gaming?

The author did a good job of providing examples of political importance in war gaming. Matthew Kirshenbaum, the author, mentioned how politician or military members produce some of the best leaders in today’s society. Leaders are a necessity and core reason why our world is exhibiting success.  Kirshenbaum explained how certain missions in war games such as, “What happens when Yemen River dries out,” actually conforms or relates towards leadership shown in the political or military world. The author examines carefully before mentioning that war gaming was not presented for learning or repetition of history, instead teaching and helping individual learn the art of making quick and decisive decision making skills.

His comments or reviews did relate to so many others opinions. Many people found a liking to Matthew Kirshenbaum’s answer. Based on my experience, I agree in what Matthew is trying to clarify in his explanation. Yes I do agree that war gaming tries to examine and view the battlefield scenery or scenarios, however, not all of this is quite accurate. War gaming might teach us more about military ranks, and weapon selection although any explanation doesn’t go into depth. Everything is much more general. I entirely agree with the author’s commentary how war gaming doesn’t teach us an exact history lesson instead more about making those quick and decisive decisions. I don’t even play war games often; however, I haven’t yet to experience any history lessons from playing the game. Everything in game is quite general and I prefer to let the learning experience stay in a classroom or power points.

As time moves thousands of changes occurs as well. A change reveals a certain living group are adapting to their surroundings. Basically what I am saying refers to our survival. I mean we cannot understand advancements if history didn’t take place. People have done so for hundreds of years and historical facts seem to be recorded or learned in numerous ways. The article in which I’m analyzing explains how history is often found through advanced technological tools. However, the big question leads towards whether people actually grasp a better understanding or is it everything offered a total misinterpretation. In this article, Trevor Owens, the author discusses how simulation or tools can often bring their strong points however also a set of weaknesses too. A key weakness which Mr. Owens argues constantly about is whether our simulations can actually accurately teach today’s society in a correct manner where they understand. Mr. Owens repetitively argues simulations and these present day tools might capture people’s eyes although it’s also consuming us from understanding the correct information.

Mr. Owens refers how computer’s and websites become an easy source for any information. Books and people are great methods in obtaining information; however, people nowadays don’t want to conform to the social methods to gain that knowledge. Everything is easily obtained through internet usage- plus this is a generation where we want things to be as simple as it gets. Often simple doesn’t get where we want, and provides only general comprehension. The author claims everybody wants an easy way out. I think it was pretty unique when he used social media is a constant way to grasp our info, and how important it’s for our society to obtain something quick and easy. Simulations and these new advancements done so much for us but it’s isolating us from other useful methods. Simulation based games often portray impossible and incorrect representation of today’s society.

His reviews were pretty good. Every reply seemed to reflect on an agreeable vibe. I personally don’t play simulations based games or tools that much, however, at times I feel they could lead in the wrong direction. The information portrayed in games often not accurate. The Sim’s game does high numbers of false information and sometime misleads gamers into wrong comprehension.

Blog Entry#3, Future of Video Games

Learning origins of video game production or video game development is extremely fascinating. Who would ever know little characters could fit into a television monitor, and all of this is possible through a video game console. It’s amazing to see the development video games have undergone throughout the past several decades. Remembering times where video games were only available at local arcades although now branched into our very own homes. That’s a pretty huge transition. In today’s world video games have improved in graphics, sounds, and storylines. Technology is an integral part in our everyday survival or needs. Obviously this specific section will constantly grow. There are always new things to improve or tweak around, and that’s a specific reason why video games make a good profit. Original video game consoles didn’t have wifi routers, play DVDs and blue ray disc. These are some new present day tweaks, but let’s get talk about the future of video games.

I believe games are beginning to be quite realistic due to the sound, and storyline, however, I think things will get pretty real once hand controllers are gone. The Xbox kinect is a perfect example because the device allows you to be the controller, and there’s no hand controllers controlling your movements. Instead your movements are controlling the character in the game. Basically your body is the controller. The Xbox kinect offers this feature, however, it’s quite limited and not yet complete. In doing so, gamers feel more immersed into the game which produces a more realistic feeling. I believe in the next decade or so, video game hand controllers will be gone, and there would be a device you would hook onto your waist which allows gamers to be the controllers! Video game creators are always looking for ways to make the feeling to be quite real, and I believe allowing gamers every movement is a perfect method in creating this realistic feeling.

Another addition I definitely see for the future of video games would be voice commands. You wouldn’t even have to press anything; your voice command does everything. If you playing a shooting game and wanted to switch guns- you can switch weapons by saying you want a weapon switch. There’s certain game systems today which does something similar, however, there are still flaws in the programming. Although within a decade or so I definitely see this feature becoming possible to use. Gamers becoming the video game controllers, and voice commands are two additional features I see for the future of video games, and I’m sure they will come through in due time!

Week 2 Blog Entry #2

Technology continues growing as times goes on. New ideas are brought up. Eventually these ideas become a new addition to our technological world. The advancement of computer technology is definitely important although its journey tells a more meaningful story. It’s pretty mind blowing that computers are these big advancement which filled government offices, well known corporations, then finally coursing into an average family’s home. Computers have taken quite a leap especially from an extreme professional setting to a vibrant environment where computers are used by families for everyday use. The question here shouldn’t be, “Why do people use computers?” Instead question like this should arouse, “How and why did this leap occur?”

To answer the question, computers accounted itself with so much information and facts. This made life easier for our society. Anything that makes life easier is a characteristic which assisted towards that particular expansion. In this case, we’re discussing about the computer leap. Yes, government offices and corporations utilized computers because certain things like note taking were done on computers, or important data could be displayed onto a computer screen by just providing necessary information into the specific boxes. Computer’s made everyday task seem and feel simple. Doing the least amount of work as possible is something everybody wants. Computer’s created that sensation. Completing document or writing a paper assignment is a thing of the past. Typing your paper on a computer makes a big difference. A beneficiary like such is a key reason why this intellectual leap happened. Computer’s reduced the amount of work needed. Even governments or private corporations couldn’t handle all these benefits instead computers needed to expand. What good is a product if only utilized b one group. Expansion is needed to attain a well rounded success.

In today’s world, computer expansion has exceeded more results compared to the past. Back then computer’s maintained a certain reputation. This reputation was making people’s lives easier. Computers today do much more than that. Computers now educate us in many ways or forms including health. By utilizing computer’s we could learn how we eat or how to maintain healthy lifestyle. Instead of going to a dietician about eating healthy, we can log onto our computers to find out for ourselves. Most Colleges or Universities have their students complete their assignments through certain websites. Students no longer need to complete assignments on paper instead on their own computer. Certain College classes are now offered through computer access. So instead of going to class, you can listen to the lectures on your computer at home or anywhere you want. I’ve brought up numerous reasons which support my reason and thought why the computer leap happened. As you can see, health and educational aspects were examples within my discussion. Hopefully, you can understand how and why I think these reasons factored towards the intellectual leaps of computers.

Week 1 Blog Entry 1 Ada Lacelove

Computer programming would be pointless if some sort of communication wasn’t invented. Ada revealed this language to the world by her creation of the loop. Ada invented an instruction procedure which ends with a sequence of directions being commanded numerous times, Ada’s creation of the loop is one of the commonly known basic steps in any programming language. Without Ada’s profound and indescribable intelligence, the analytically engine would rot. Nobody ever really understood how the thing operates or functions. Ada fully grasps the analytically engine how it operates and work. Matter of fact, she provided documentation which left her partner Babbage in awe. Babbage constantly mentioned Ada didn’t just understand it but taught able to teach this knowledge extremely well. The analytic engine would have stayed in unknown and undocumented obscurity if Ada didn’t provide her contribution in revealing its new found potential. Ada became the first individual ever to write this computer documentation. Ada’s interest in her field led her to creating computer documentation, loop, programming languages, and documentation of analytic engine. These are some of her contributions which left profound impacts on the development of computing.

It’s quite significant to hear computer programming started nearly a century before an actual computer had been invented. However to discover out the first computer programmer was in fact a women is amazing. Women did not experience same opportunities as men during this time. For Ada Lovelace to experience what she did is considered abnormal for women in this era. Her life was not a typical women’s life. Ada’s activism in the scientific or mathematical spectrum is a miracle; however, her work concluded a well respected reputation and exceeded men in the field of her time. Well what were some of these conditions which allowed Ada to succeed as women in field dominated by men? Ada inherited incredible mathematical skills from her father. Her father foresaw his daughter’s interest within the field so he hoped Ada would eventually walk away from her interest for math and scientific matters. However things differed. Ada is not ordinary women especially during her time- she went beyond what most men couldn’t perform. She knew how to do the mathematical calculations but could explain them write back too. Her comprehension is extremely amazing! Ada’s gifted mathematical and scientific interest is one condition which helped her succeed as a women dominated by men. Another condition would be; Ada worked under her dear friend Babbage for years as an assistant. Over time she began to comprehend and understand things better than Babbage. She later assisted Babbage constantly with her work; he later began to print off her documentation and submitted it for review. Reviews earned her a respectable reputation. Working as an assistant gave her hands on experiences and over time developing her skills which leads into why she became successful as women in field dominated by men. Another condition which really assisted Ada refers back to her husband. Her husband was considered a mathematical genius, whatever he learned is passed along to his wife. His mathematic level exceeded Ada’s. His help strongly contributed to Ada’s comprehension and desire to become successful in her field of work.