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Week 6

The wewb has made copy right and intellectual copy difficult. Now with computers people can forge and duplicate anything. Lawrence Lessig touched on this a lot in his video. He showed a video of George W. Bush and some other politicia singing a song to each other. This never happened in real life but because of editing to the video it made it appear this way. Almost anybody with a computer can take images, video, text, and many other things to make them seem as something they’re not. As time goes on this will continue to get more and more complicated. Also due to p2p networks people can share information on their computers. Benkler touched on this briefly in his video. This allows users to share files on their computers with users all over the world. Music is probably the best example of this. Artist album sales are at an all time low due to illegal music downloads on the web. You can access just about any artist song through p2p sharing networks and blogs. Due to the internet artist have been forced to make money other ways with there music. For a period of time artist would make money off of ring tones and now most artist manage to make money through touring and performing. Music is just one of many things being illegally shared on the internet and I believe this is something that will continue to go on and also get worst. Copyrighting and intellectual property is something that will continue to be compromised.

Week 5

Licklider’s article was interesting but I think it may be somewhat far fetched.  I don’t think that having a computer cmmunicate for you is an accurate form of communication.  Computers are great for assisting with communication between people but in this age I think it stops there.  There would be too many problems with this form of communication and it would be too costly.  The human mind is ver complex and I don’t think that it is something that can be generated by a computer.  When communicating people make several different changes than planned.  In a business meeting you may need to respond to questions and thoughts that hadn’t been thought out before hand.  Right now I just don’t see computers being able to communicate with each other successfully to make successful communication.  Communicating face to face with a computer is something that has taken off.  You have several different platforms that allow you to video chat and communicate.  Eventually you will see more and more business having video conferences opposed to having physical meetings.  A group conference cuts down so many cost.  It cuts down travel cost and it doesn’t require a space for people to come together and meet.  Computers will always aid us in communicating but to have a computer do the communicating for you is a bit much.  The computer would have to duplicate every function of your mind and I think this is impossible.  Having a computer do this is too much and taking away from peoples skills.

Play The Past Week 4

Seeing Like Sim City

Seeing like sim city was an artlicle written to talk about the eaning behind games like sim city.  Sim City was created in order to learn history to an extent.  The problem with games like sim city is that they really don’t do a good job of depicting what history in the game play.  An example the author used was how in the game you put more police on the street in order to reduce crime.  In reality this isn’t always the case.  Crime is the result of much more than just your police force.  Crime is the result of a struggling economy a lot of times.  I think it even rums deeper tham that.  Crime starts with children not being raised properly with correct values and proper education.  Most people who commit crimes are uneducated people.  Jails and prison are filled with men and women who don’t even have a high school education.  When people are uneducated and don’t have the skills they need to succeed in life they usually end up in a life of crime.  This all starts at the home.  This is something that a game like sim city misses.  In this game in order to stop crime people just add police.  The author demostrates this throughout the article.  I feel like this is a political issue and he touches on similar things of this nature in the article.  To label this game historical I don’t think is accurate.  When I read the comments on this post I definetly seen a lot of different comments.  Some people agreed with the author and some didn’t.  This article definetly was successful in stirring up somewhat of a debate.  I noticed that a lot of people went on to agree with the author and others didn’t.  I have brief experience with the game sim city.  When playing the game I never even thought of the game being any type of history or political game.  I never thought deep into it and learned anything from it.  The author also talks about how the game Monoply was originally created to be a critique of landorlds and capitolist but the original context has been forgotten.  This is an example of easily the context of a game like this can be forgotten. 

Stimulating Detroit

I’m from Detroit so I really enjoyed this article.  This article talks about Detroit in the 60′ and 70′s and how it was depicted in Sim City.  It was an option to have Detroit as a city in the Sim City game.  In the game Detroit was in a crisis.

“By 1970, competition from overseas and other economic factors pushed the once “automobile capital of the world” into recession. Plummeting land values and unemployment then increased crime in the inner-city to chronic levels.  You have 10 years to reduce crime and rebuild the industrial base of the city.”

The quotation above is from the article and it talks about the agenda for the game.  In the game there would be mobs looting once the economy got bad and they were riots.  This was similar to the riots of Detroit.  The difference in the game and reality was that the game was colorblind.  The game turned race into crime.  In Detroit there were race riots that became out of control adn the national guard was called in.  In this game there were riots due to crime and the struggling economy.  I think that the author did a great job touching on social and political issues.  The Detroit riots were definitely a political and social issue.  I still think that the game did a good job touching on issues in Detroit.  There were quite a bit of comments on this post.  I wouldn’t say it necessarily started an argument though.  Most comments were just of people giving there opinion on the article and the times of Detroit.  There were a few people that agreed and disagreed but I don’t think that this article raised a real debate.  I have never played this version of Sim City but I am a resident of Detroit.  History repeats itself and Detroit is definitely going through this stage again and it will rebuild.

The Future Of Video Games

Video games have come a very long way since the first one was made public in 1958.  William Higinbotham was the first to make a video game that the public actually played. The first video game was actually created over a decade before then.  The first video game started off as a joke but has developed into a lifestyle for some people.  The biggest advancements in video games have been graphics.  Graphics in video games are so advanced now that they almost look real.  Graphics is something that will continue to improve in video games.

Everything that consumers put their eyes on these days are filled with advertisement.  TV’s, the internet, pandora stations, youtube, and many other things that we keep our eyes on constantly show advertisement.  I believe that in the future you will began to see a lot more advertising in video games.  You will see companies advertising products and I believe you will also see more music being advertised in video games.  There is already plenty of advertising and product placement in video games but this is something I am expecting to see a lot more of.

At some point I also believe that holographic images will will be seen in video games.  In the future I definitely see video games displaying holographic images that you can control and play in a game for your entertainment.  Right now 3d is huge in entertainment.  3d televisions are available to purchase at reasonable prices, 3d movies are popular and you can also play video games in 3d.  I definitely believe the next step for video as a whole will be holographic images.

Week 2

Computers have gone from major government and corporate offices to people’s houses.  What lead to this huge leap is technology.  As technology constantly advanced computers were able to be made smaller.  The microprocessor was a hug part of computers being able to be smaller and able to fit into homes.  The microprocessor was developed due to the integrated circuit.  The microprocessor is basically a computer all on one chip.  Instead of having multiple circuits to deal with different things all of these thing can be integrated in the microprocessor.  The microprocessor was developed by a company that is still relevant in computers today, intel.  The microprocessor also dropped the cost of making a computer which was also a huge advancement of placing computers in homes.  Along with Intel, Apple was also key players in making the first personal computer.  Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the first personal computer which was the Apple 1.  Prior to the personal computer being developed micro computers were already invented.  The micro computer required engineers and people with advanced computer knowledge to operate the machine.  Apple made a personal computer that was user friendly that could be operated by the average consumer. Apple and Intel play a huge role into getting computers into consumers homes.  Intel developed the technology to make computers smaller and more cost efficient.  Apple made computers user friendly.  Once Apple made the first pc the rest is history.  Now there are pc’s in almost every household across the country.  These two companies made technological advancements to bring computers into our homes.

Week I Ada Lovelace

Ada had many contributions to the development of computing. Ada understood the concepts of programming that are still used this very day.  Her notes are still meaningful and understandable to programmer today, which says a lot in itself.  Ada experimented with writing sequences and isntructions and she took note of certain trick which are still relevant today such as subroutines, loops, and jumps.  She also discovered the “call concept which is used today on almost every computer.  Instead of rewriting a sequence over and over she suggested to just calculate the sequence and store it in a library that would be accessible for use later.  Once the calculation is calculated and stored in the library then you could call for the subroutine when needed for a calculation. The loop was a huge contribution to the development of computers because it is now the most fundamental procedure in  every contemporary programming language.

Ada was a mathematician which is one of the conditions that allowed her to succeed in the male dominated field.  Ada was also tutored by Augustus De Morgan, the famous British Logician and she also was able to be mentored by Charles Babbage.  Ada partnering with Babbage was what really allowed her to succeed and make such advancements in computing.  Ada studied Babbage’s Analytical Engine and wrote essays and notes about it.  Ada was one of the few to realize that Babbage’s Difference Engine was a totally different device then the mechanical calculators of the past.  Ada’s counter partner Charles Babbage gave her the advantage to succeed in the computing field.