While doing my reading for the last and final blog I found out many new things I didn’t know about a lot of laws that trying to be pass. I didn’t know how serious a lot of people are taking these things serious. Reading about these articles made me want to dig deeper. As a society today we never know what is really going on. We are so busy believing what the media is telling us that we forget to do research and find out the facts for ourselves.

In the Technical examination of SOPA and Protect IP it talks about how the internet will be broken into two different Internet sites. It will be the Domestic Internet Site that have a domestic IP address. It has a romaine registered or assigned by a register or other authority located in the United States. The website will have the address of .com, .org, and .us. The other site would be a Foreign internet site. These sites are foreign site that are not within the United States. With this act people will monitor computer to make sure that no one is committing a piracy act. The IP and SOPA people are not going be happy with this act. This is suppose to make it harder for people to pirate movies and other things on the internet.

In the SOPA article it talks about how they want to boycott companies who support the SOPA put some of the companies out of business. The author main goal is to have people write in to these companies and express to them that they will no longer support them or buy anything from them if they support this act. The SOPA act is to “Stop Online Piracy Act”. I truly believe if a lot of people get together this can be something that is succeeded.

In the Year Anonymous Took on Cops, Dictators and Existenital Dread. They are a group of people who go after people who hack into codes and computers. In the year thatMohamed Bouazizi was attack by the police in Sidi that’s when Anonymous came out to let the people know you are being watch by your government. You should stand up for justice and what you believe in. Make sure you are not arrested by fight for your believes with words instead of action. The Anonymous group all dress the same and made sure that they all look alike so they identity was not shown.

3 thoughts on “Week 7 HACKERS, PIRATES, SOPA & PIPA

  1. watki155

    The point you particularly made about people coming together to stop SOPA is very much valid—we, as a people, must be able to put our differences aside and work on these collectively if we ever want to see such substantial changes. SOPA and PIPA are making technological changes that will hinder one’s ability to express creativity and open-mindedness on the internet, an element that is losing itself as we go from generation to generation. Additionally, by deeming certain websites completely ‘foreign’ based on the web address, with the impression of targeting sites that may be violating their acts or piracy, seems a bit much to both deal with and do. However, as we continue moving through this day of age, people will be coming together, like the group Anonymous, and showing their hatred for this act. While there does need to be a happy medium met between us and SOPA/PIPA, one can easily see that it will never be reached—just like you mentioned, we should stand up for justice and what we believe in. And if that is taking down SOPA and PIPA in the process, then it must be done.

  2. staalrya

    This was post was very clear and well written. It is true that the Media does not air SOPA/PIPA because it serves the interests of big business, and anything to harm that would end up being bad for even the media. SOPA and PIPA try to make the internet less free, and restrict almost everything from the normal user. It would not be wise to block off such free marketing potential. The internet is a great source of tech-startup firms, and new innovative ideas. With the internet becoming completely shut down, it essentially would deem it useless.
    Blocking foreign websites is completely useless, just because they’re foreign does not mean they need to instantly be blocked for fear of piracy. Anonymous definitely stirs the pot on corporate America, as well as other countries. They make themselves very clear, if something like free speech and freedom of expression are blocked or restricted, they will continue to bring down big tech-firms (like Sony), and will always be there as a revolutionary force.

  3. Kailei

    From your very first sentence, I find it quite compelling that you yourself admit that you did not know about many of the laws being passed or “threatened” to be passed. I, too, found I was in the same position, until I started to look into the subject much before this class. It is interesting and good that you say this, because many people in this generation are in the same position. It is really until one researches and looks into the subject that they truly start to understand just what is at stake. You do a really good job of explaining what SOPA and PIPA are, and how you connect it to the simple right we all know and have of free speech. These basic rights are being threatened, and if we don’t do something to stop the laws from ebing passed, our basic rights may be taken away.

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